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Christine and I have been together for several years, but not married yet and have a great sex life - they are not shy to try things and have the tick on the right (sex) boxes. A few years ago we rawgonzo went through a difficult period - I am involved rawgonzo with a married woman (indeed, were about 24 at the time) and leave at the end of Christine in motion with the other girl, the devil was a sensational and we loved it when I walked into her anus with my cock circumcised fat! to make a long story short and get to the good parts, separated and the rawgonzo wife I married soon after, and Christine and I managed to luck again become friends and began to see each other. We were out for about 3 months. as rawgonzo a treatment, we have to France for a holiday and it was nice, intimate with her - she is very sexy, and likes to dress for me - especially socks, loves when I come all over her legs and I often pussy licking delicious. , onceduring the holiday rawgonzo season, which were always wildly intimate and asked if she had been a good girl, while considering (sorry, I know, very fair, right?) - well, she continued to watch, to say that there was a man (you and a friend with a couple types of association) and was the stress in my life to hear what he had to have rawgonzo a - I wanted to eat all the details, made rawgonzo ​​her pussy as well as I, which was more greater than I? (Yes, he was, and he loved it ), which led to rawgonzo him and how often you have to fuck. Sounds like he talked to her almost every day, and I like to go with your dirty underwear soaked in his seminal work sense. That's when I said the first time, she took his load in her mouth, I'm totally blown up in his belly. The dirty bitch told me how he was coiled in the mouth, chin and made a mess of skirt - wow, I loved to hear shit, another man lost in his mouth sexy. not only saw this kind, indeed, one thatlso went on vacation with her boyfriend in the Canary Islands and the boy picked up another - who was on his last day, went for it - in fact I think her boyfriend and some even had to take. She told me about the dress she wore when they fuck - meet in a bar and it was not long before returning to the apartment. When she opened the door, lifted her skirt and pulled her panties wet - that kept them as souvenirs. I think he took on the sofa while her boyfriend was in the bedroom, of course, always the fucking of her life. Christine fucked this inside and outside all night before going to pick up in the morning to the airport. The dirty rawgonzo bitch has been covered in the mess all the way! Oh, (and I know it's not a wise thing to do!) Was very exciting to know that these two guys fucking hair. As you can see, I am very happy for her with another man who took me to the question of his life earlier this thinkar - were going to pull a man in a club to see me.... Now, finally agreed, although I do not think she was very happy, however, when I asked for sex, she always made ​​clear the idea. went to a local club with a very young audience is 20-30, and we spent most of the afternoon together getting a little drunk and relaxed as the night progresses. Christine was in a black skirt and short, white blouse and stockings very well ( we went straight from his office ) is great - who also wears glasses, which I do when used to start my colleague. Most people in the dance club, and made his way through the crowd, looking from a balcony. They wasted no time to move and began to dance around this guy - it looked good, quite normal. They rawgonzo danced more and more as he spoke, and the most anticipated first kiss came soon after - wow, I did see this really crazy - I just wanted my cock and ready for methat I could see how close embraced, as his bottom hand had come to him - who have been making it very difficult. at the end of the night I sent a text from the bathroom to tell me to return with him and his girlfriend, his flat environment. I went home and I would masturbate thinking of what she stood for. came home early the next day and we decided to go to bed, to discuss his little adventure -oh, my God, did it again just completed was a mess this morning, the pussy, but enjoyed it all tastes, as I ate it. Apparently, his friend rawgonzo went to his seat, said Christine was just a man - took it four times in the night, even played their hole through his socks in the taxi home. He liked his cock uncut and sample a taste of every inch of what was in his own hole. He wanted to take his ass, but drew a line - very bad This had happened only once, but I love when he says that allthe details - it 's very cool. I hope there will be another.....
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